Bistro Delivered Set Menu

BBQ meat cooked by personal chef in Cotswolds


For hosts working to a smaller budget or wanting a more casual style of event, this is the answer. Our bistro delivered set menu service lets you choose from a range of freshly prepared dishes that come with clear reheating and serving instructions. This list of dishes is not a tablet of stone, please feel free to make any special requests as there is not much we cannot do. Please get in touch for a precise quote or find a guide to our catering prices here.


Chicken Liver Mousse with Cognac and Pistachio Nuts (nuts can be omitted)
(toasted breads and salad leaves)

Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese and Horseradish Pate
(crisp breads and lemon wedge)

Fresh Tuna Salad Nicoise
(olives, tomatoes, new potatoes, green beans, anchovies and eggs)

A Fresh Soup of your choosing
(fresh crusty artisan bread and butter)

Selection of Savoury Dips
(corn chips, cheese straws, roasted pitta bread, olives and pickled gherkins)

Cocktail of Deep Water Prawns
(marie rose sauce, crisp iceberg lettuce, tomato and cucumber salsa, lemon wedge and brown bread)

Waldorf Salad
(celery, walnuts, grapes, apples and optional dice of cheddar cheese)


Luxury Ocean Pie
(salmon, white and smoked fish, garden peas, capers, mushrooms and chopped boiled eggs in a cream sauce and topped with creamy mash)

Lasagne Bolognaise
(rich beef and tomato ragout layered with lasagne pasta and a fresh parmesan cheese sauce)

Vegetarian Lasagne
(as above but made with roasted root vegetables and squash)

Coq au Vin
(chicken joints steeped in red wine and braised with mushrooms, onions, bacon lardons and fresh thyme)

Saute of Pork Fillet Normand
(tender pork fillet with glazed apples, leeks and a cider cream sauce)

Beef Bourguignonne
(slow braised beef with rich red wine sauce, bacon and mushrooms)

North African Lamb Tagine
(lamb shoulder braised with cumin, turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, onions, tomato, chilli, apricots and sultanas)

Thai Green or Indian Curry – content and degree of spice / heat of your choice
(authentic regional recipes true to type – choose from chicken, lamb, beef or vegetable)

Beef or Vegetable Chilli
(pulled shredded tender beef with chilli, garlic, tomatoes, onions, red beans and spices – can be served as a vegetarian option)

Lancashire Hot Pot
(cuts of lamb slow braised with onions, carrots and scalloped potatoes – can be served with the traditional pickled red cabbage side dish)

(layers of ground lamb, tomatoes, garlic, aubergine and potatoes – topped with a feta cheese and cream cheese sauce)

All the above are supplied with full reheat and serving suggestions

Suitable Vegetable selection and either Potatoes, Rice, Cous Cous, Tagliatelle, Mixed Salad or Garlic Bread


Garlic Bread

Mixed or Green Salad

Cheese and Onion Potato Gratin

Ratatouille Provencale

Macaroni Cheese

Vegetable Selection of your choice

Jacket Potatoes

Rice, Pasta or Cous Cous


Tropical Fruit Salad – Pouring Cream

Lemon Tart – Fresh Red Fruits – Crème Fraiche

Rich Chocolate Tart – Ice Cream or Thick Double Cream

Individual Sherry Fruit Trifle

Creamed Chilled Rice with Oranges in Burnt Caramel

Sticky Toffee Pudding – Caramel Sauce

White and Dark Chocolate Brownies

Key Lime Pie

Fresh Fruit or Chocolate Cheesecake