Bistro Delivered Service

Lamb cooked by personal chef in Cotwolds

Bistro delivered set menu catering service.
Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or hen party, or simply having guests round for a lunch or dinner, we appreciate you may be working to a smaller budget or want a more casual style of catering. If so, our bistro option is the answer.

The bistro service from Antony Vaks means you can choose from a range of freshly prepared dishes, but rather than having a private chef to serve the meal, we provide full reheating and serving instructions that a host can easily manage.

Hello Antony. I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with the BBQ and the curry. The quality of the food and the service has not changed from 10 years ago. Also, the quantities were generous which I view as important as the quality. Thank you very much we and our guests very much enjoyed the food.
– Benedicte

This service often appeals to people because you can have your meals at your own pace. You can also ‘fill your fridge’ for the duration of a leisurely weekend away.

Please see our bistro delivered set menu and do note that this list is not a tablet of stone; please feel free to contact us to make any special requests, there is not much we cannot do.